The following codes are applicable to Purchase Orders, only when specifically called out on the purchase order.  Suppliers are responsible for implementing the requirements of the Code(s) called out and satisfying any data requirements.  Requirements shall also be flowed down, by the Supplier, to all subcontractors, or sub-tier suppliers.

Code A – Certificate of Conformance – A certificate of compliance (C of C), signed, and dated, by a quality assurance representative of the organization, shall accompany each lot of material and/or parts submitted.  The certificate shall state that the material, and/or parts, conform to all PO requirements.  The supplier must have, available for review, all subcontractor, or sub-tier, certifications for materials and processes that support this shipment.

Code B – First Article Inspection Report – A First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) shall be submitted, for approval, for any new assembly or product.  The first article reports shall be is an AS9102 format or equivalent.  AS9102 shall include Forms 1, 2 and 3, which entail drawing dimensions, notes, reference specifications and material identification.  When specific material(s) is called out on the drawing, a separate material certification is required with the FAIR.  A new FAIR is required when there is a change in the process from the previous build, including a new revision, a change in the manufacturing source or location, or there is a lapse in production for 2 years.

Code C – Component Traceability – Traceability shall be established, and maintained, for any material used for this order.  The supplier shall provide a C of C from the Original Equipment, or Original Component, Manufacturer (OEM/OCM) with any components, or other materials, supplied.  C of C shall include OEM/OCM CAGE code or manufacturer identification, part number and lot and/or date code(s).  If a C of C is not available from the OEM/OCM, a copy of the manufacturer’s packing slip, with a Purchase Order number, OEM/OCM CAGE code or manufacturer identification, part number and lot and/or date code(s) may be provided.  This requirement shall be flowed down by the supplier to all subcontractors and/or sub-tier suppliers that perform work on this order.

Code D – Certification and Chemical/Physical Analysis of Raw Materials – The supplier shall provide a Material Report, or Certification, for the raw material supplied or used in the parts supplied.  The report shall be from the original raw material supplier and include original supplier, lot number, material specification, cure date and shelf life, tests conducted, composition breakdown by percentage and any other relevant information needed to identify/trace the raw material.

Code E – Shelf-Life Material – If material requires controlled environment and/or storage, the certificate shall be marked with the date of manufacturer and shelf life, or expiration date and recommended storage conditions.  No deliveries will be accepted with less than 80% of the useful shelf life remaining, if the shelf life is 1 year or less, or less than 60% if shelf life is greater than 1 year.

Code F – Electronic Component Packaging and Handling – Electronic components shall be handled and packaged in accordance with the original component manufacturers’ ESD protection requirements.  The packaging shall be marked with a notice as follows: “Caution: Contents subjected to damage by static electricity.  DO NOT OPEN except at an approved static-free workstation.”  Moisture sensitive devices shall be packaged in moisture proof, conductive material or moisture proof, antistatic material with external conductive field shielding barrier. The package shall be marked with handling precautions for moisture sensitive devices.

Code G – Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is required for this shipment.

Code H – Inspection/Test Data Report – A signed copy of the final inspection and/or test data report, that substantiates acceptance of the product against his PO, is to accompany the shipment.  Report shall be identifiable with the part number, the lot number and/or serial number when the product is serialized.

Code J – Counterfeit Parts – The supplier shall certify, by means of a standard C of C (Code A) that no counterfeit materials, parts or components were used in this shipment.  Only new and authentic materials are to be purchased through the original OEM/OCM or distributors authorized by the OEM/OCM.  Independent Distributors shall NOT be used without written consent.

Code K – Certificate of Special Process – The supplier must provide a statement, within the C of C, identifying any Special Process used and the Special Process Supplier name and address, with each delivery, certifying compliance with all special processes required in executing this procurement.  Some examples of special processes are Chemical Processes (including Plating), Heat Treating, Welding, Protective Coatings (Paint/Epoxy), X-Ray Inspection, Anodizing, etc.

Code L – Records Retention – Supplier records shall be retained for a minimum of 7 years after completion of the purchase order or subcontract.  Records shall remain legible, readily identifiable, and retrievable.  This requirement shall be flowed down to any subcontractor and/or sub-tier supplier.

Code M – No Changes without Approval – The supplier shall NOT deviate from any pre-approved processes (including design, construction, components, materials, or other established manufacturing processes), subcontractors and/or sub-tier suppliers without obtaining written approval.  Qualification and approval of a contract manufacturer, subcontractor and/or sub-tier supplier, must be available upon request.

Code N – Awareness – J&J reserves the right to require and request evidence that suppliers ensure their personnel are aware of: (a) Their contribution to product or service conformity; (b) Their contribution to product safety; (c) The importance of ethical behavior.