J&J Machine is a full-service CNC machine shop dedicated to providing precision prototyping and production for the medical, military, and commercial industries.

CNC Production

Whether you are in need of rapid prototyping or need a reliable partner for custom part production, J&J Machine is a one-stop shop from prototype to production. Our machinists are meticulous and passionate about manufacturing, ensuring that your parts are of the highest quality and are consistently to spec.


At J&J Machine, we’ve supported entrepreneurs, high-growth, and high-tech companies to successfully bring new products to market. When developing a prototype, you don’t want to compromise quality for the sake of cost.

The J&J team leverages our network of in-house and outsourced engineering and design experts to support our rapid prototyping process. We provide quick turnaround times, and our team of experienced, innovative machinists provide solutions for the most challenging applications.

3D Printing

3D printing enables companies to develop functional prototypes at a lower cost with a quick turnaround. Instead of being limited to molds, 3D printing can produce complex shapes that could not otherwise be machined.

Before 3D printing, prototype plastic parts were machined in small batches and production parts molded at higher volumes. With 3D printing technology, companies can drastically reduce lead times and costs.

Laser Marking

In addition to CNC machining and 3D printing, J&J Machine offers laser engraving services. Our state-of-the-art Zetalase™ Laser Marking System enables us to engrave almost any material, including:

  • Brilliant white engraving on dyed anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • White engraving on black Delrin
  • ABS, PVC and other plastics
  • Painted surfaces
  • Steel and aluminum

Products and parts can be customized with text in any font and size, logos and graphics, shapes, and part or serial numbers.

Facilities List

CNC Milling

  • (4) HAAS VFO VMC 20″x16″x20″
  • HAAS VFOE VMC 30″x16″x20″
  • HAAS VF2SSYT VMC 30″x20”x20″
  • (2) HAAS VF3 VMC 40″x20″x24″
  • (3) HAAS Mini Mill VMC 16″x12″x10″

CNC Mill/Turn Lathe

  • Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMYS Mill-Turn
  • (2) Nakamura-Tome AS-200MY Mill-Turn
  • HAAS ST-10 CNC lathe 14”x16”


  • (2) TRAK 3-Axis DPM milling machines 33”x17”x22”
  • Proto TRAK SLZ CNC Lathe 18”x45”
  • SuperMax Vari-Speed vertical milling machine


  • Thompson Surface grinder 24”x10”x6”

3D Printing

  • Dimension Elite 3D printer 8”x8”x12”

Laser Marking

  • Zeta Laser Marking System


  • Zeiss C400 1532-12 CMM 15”x31”x13”
  • Brown & Sharpe Micro-Height 13” vertical
  • Mitutoyo optical comparator 7.5”x6”x8”
  • Profilometer